About Me

Noah is a new media artist based in California's Central Valley. Initially self taught in basic digital arts, he later obtained formal education from the University of Chicago in Media Arts and Design where he expanded his mediums and honed his creative processes. Noah's focus in glitch art is not just a departure from traditional mediums, but a testament to the beauty of digital and physical imperfections.

Noah's work often embraces flaws and errors not as mistakes, but as opportunities to uncover a hidden beauty in the aberrations. It is in those “mistakes” that he finds raw, unfiltered expressions of creativity. He hopes his work allows viewers to experience the convergence of the tactile and abstract world, where traditional notions of beauty are dismantled and redefined through the lens of technology.

When not creating art, he is a community advocate for the City of Avenal. He believes community to be his biggest motivator and inspiration for his work, and hopes to use his art and education to bring positive growth to the Central Valley.